Installing Solar Water Heating Systems

Textbook for Installers

With the Solar Water Heater (SWH) Installer Skills Programme we are addressing a shortage of artisans in the field of renewable energy technologies. More specifically, with the SWH Installer Skills Programme we directly respond to the demand of the insurance sector, municipalities and the local plumbing industry for adequately skilled plumbing service providers, aiming to avoid poor quality installations. Subsequently, we are very happy that the first edition of the SWH Installer Textbook is now available.

The textbook has been designed to provide you with the relevant learning material in conjunction with your practical and workplace-based training. Candidates who have achieved the skills programme’s objectives will increase their opportunities for further development and employability within the plumbing industry. We thus wish you every success in your training!

(SWH Installer Skills Programme based on SAQA Registered Unit Standards (US 262784, US 262786, US 14054 and US 9964)

  • Topic 1 - Basic Plumbing Concepts
  • Topic 2 - Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Topic 3 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Topic 4 Installation of SWH Systems


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