• Go Green

    The structural change towards a „green economy“ is supported by the South African – German Skills for Green Jobs (SfGJ) programme. It aims at progressively capacitating the work force to meet the labour market demands of the South African greening economy.

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  • Overview

    Nov 17th, 2016

    TVET colleges contribute to the renewable energy revolution in South Africa

    South Africa enjoys some of the best sunshine in the world all year round and could be the next photovoltaic superstar. In addition, the country has substantial wind potential, especially along the coastal areas of the Western and Eastern Cape.  Yet, South Africa's indigenous energy resource base is dominated by coal with around 77% of South Africa's primary energy needs being provided by coal ...

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  • Student Books

    Apr 12th, 2018

    Student Book – NQF Level 2

    Renewable Energy Technologies The student book for NC(V) level 2 Renewable Energy Technologies is now available in its 2nd revised edition. Th e new subject and student book is for students of the technical NC(V) programmes who want to learn more about renewable energy technology, its potentials and limitations ...

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  • Training Videos

    Oct 1st, 2018

    The Installer

    We found a good crew and we were willing to climb on the shacky roof of Mama Diyati in Macassa/ Kkhayelitsha. We wanted to proof that it is possible to install a simmple Solar Water Heater. Fundile, Don and Ryan did it. Here the tell you the story and how show you how to do it

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  • Installer Skills

    Apr 12th, 2018

    Installing Solar Water Heating Systems

    With the Solar Water Heater (SWH) Installer Skills Programme we are addressing a shortage of artisans in the field of renewable energy technologies. More specifically, with the SWH Installer Skills Programme we directly respond to the demand of the insurance sector, municipalities and the local plumbing industry for adequately skilled plumbing service providers, aiming to avoid poor quality installations ...

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  • Green College Initiative

    Aug 28th, 2015

    Greening TVET Colleges Initiative

    South Africa has embarked on a major policy drive to invest in a green economy. The green economy has the potential to be a new engine of growth, a net generator of decent jobs and a vital strategy to reduce poverty. It has been identified as a key sector for employment creation with the potential for creating at least 300,000 additional direct jobs by 2020. New green jobs are particularly expected in the fields of natural resource management, waste management, green energy generation and energy and resource efficiency as well as emission and pollution mitigation. The importance of developing employees for sustainable development in these fields through technical and vocational education and training is thus undisputed.

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