• TVET colleges contribute to the renewable energy revolution in South Africa

    New subject integrated into national curriculum

    South Africa enjoys some of the best sunshine in the world all year round and could be the next photovoltaic superstar. In addition, the country has substantial wind potential, especially along the coastal areas of the Western and Eastern Cape.  Yet, South Africa's indigenous energy resource base is dominated by coal with around 77% of South Africa's primary energy needs being provided by coal ...
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  • Developing skills for a renewable future

    Achievements so far – Projections ahead

    Overall uptake of the RET subject has been very positive and is steadily increasing: currently (2016), 9 TVET colleges at 11 campuses offer the NC(V) optional subject – this number is set to increase to 15 TVET colleges in 2017. Based on this trend the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) now focuses on quality rather than quantity - ideally, only those TVET colleges that meet the following pre-conditions shall offer the new subject: pre-upskilled lecturers and full buy-in from their management for RET.
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