Be wise – energy-wise!

Lecturer’s Guide – Didactic-methodological information and guideline

“Be wise – energy-wise!” is a comic featuring six characters – two wind turbines called Wendy (f) and Rudy (m), two solar bots called Khanya (f) and Ilanga (m) and two members of the ‘Bulb family’, Lumina (f) and Lucas (m), both of them LED bulbs. Several messages are contained in the story (summarised below).

The story starts when Rudy comes home from work (he works as a wind turbine producing energy) and exhaustedly falls asleep right away. The next morning, Rudy is examined by Lucas, who finds the culprit for the energy drain: The incandescent bulbs such as those that are used in the lamp next to Rudy’s bed.

The characters realise that Rudy uses a lot of his energy to operate these types of bulbs during his work shift, and that he gets exhausted because of that. This is not energy-efficient! Lucas and Lumina therefore suggest replacing all incandescent bulbs in the neighbourhood with LEDs. They want to be more energy-wise.

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