A Gender Perspective

Evaluation Summary – Step 2 –Preliminary Results

Nov 17th, 2016

Gender Mainstreaming Approach:

The S4GJ programme pays special attention to the cross-cutting theme of gender. It started with raising awareness for training and employment in the green economy by means of gender sensitive educational material. The focus is on sparking an interest in young people and contributing to equal access to training possibilities to enable young men and especially women to enter into a career path in the Green Economy.
The programme is further spearheading the development of gender sensitive learning material for the RET subject, therefore trying to minimise gender blindness and increasing gender awareness in partnering institutions by integrating inclusive language.
Through a comprehensive M&E approach of the programme, regular evaluations are conducted on specific perceptions of training interventions. The evaluations results are also analysed disaggregated by gender and recommendations for gender mainstreaming are formulated.

Implementation of the Renewable Energy Technologies Subject from a gender perspective:

The implementation of the RET Subject shall serve as an example to showcase the programme’s efforts in the area of gender mainstreaming.
The newly developed students books for RET students advocate gender equality by using gender sensitive learning material and an inclusive language. The student book further contains a chapter on occupational health and safety including a chapter on HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
The implementation of the subject started with 6 public TVET Colleges in 2015 with a total number of approximately 300 students. The RET subject achieved a gender ratio of 57% male and 43% female students across all implementing colleges.
At this point (02/2016) in time it is only possible to have a closer look into one specific college since the data from the other colleges is not available yet.
The results from the one college (we shall call it College 1) shows a bigger percentage of women enrolled in the RET subject compared to the other possible elective subject ‘Electrical Systems and Construction’. This holds true for the 2015 as well as the 2016 enrolment figures at College 1 (see Table 1).

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