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Dual System Pilot Project (DSPP) – What is it about?

The DSPP-initiated and financially supported by the DHET/NSF - is an innovative training project aimed at developing  competent and confident electricians and plumbers in South Africa.

A hands-on and integrated learning approach based on the real world of work is implemented: Simulated practical learning and related theory at 4 public TVET college sites are combined with workplace-based training at industry through a structured, regular rotation. The three-year programme is carried out as per the new Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) curriculum and training schedule (NTCC), and will conclude with the A21 trade test.

At the heart of the DSPP is the emphasis on real-life work experience, not only imparting know-how, but also nurturing the values, ethos and pride of a true artisan.

Be part of the development of Artisans of the 21st century – The A 21!

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