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Be part of the solution!

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Summary of the story of the comic
“Be part of the solution” is a comic featuring four characters – two wind turbines called Wendy (f) and Rudi (m) and two solar bots called Ilanga (m) and Khanya (f).
The comic starts with Rudi going home from his job as a wind turbine for the national grid. At home he meets Wendy and suggests they have a cosy evening and watch a DVD with Ilanga and Khanya. While making popcorn and tea and preparing for the evening, he realises that he feels cold and leaves the kitchen to switch on the heater to its maximum heat setting, forgetting about the boiling water in the kettle and the popcorn on the stove. He also forgets that he left the light on, as well as the extractor fan above the stove and that he left the hot water running and the fridge open.
Wendy and Khanya rush in to switch off all electrical energy consuming devices carelessly left on by Rudi. Wendy finds Rudi getting comfortable by the heater and switches it off. While Rudi objects, Wendy identifies the open window as the culprit for the cold inside the room. Angrily she shuts the window and suggests to Rudi to rather wear warmer clothes to avoid using too much electrical energy. Ilanga and Khanya join in the conversation, warning that load shedding may occur.
But too late, just as predicted, the high usage of electrical energy results in the dreaded power outage - load shedding! Rudi lights the room with a match and stares into rather angry-looking faces. He sheepishly pulls out a board game, but this idea is met with little enthusiasm. He only manages to cheer everyone up by going outside and starting his wind turbine, producing energy so the others can stay inside, cosy and warm, watching the DVD and enjoying their evening. Of course, Rudi gets very angry about the consequences of his own behaviour. He only now realises that he really was wasting too much electrical energy!


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