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Smart Solutions – aren’t they?!

Lecturer’s Guide

“Smart Solutions – aren’t they?!” is a comic about two characters – two wind-turbines - called Wendy (f) and Rudi (m). As renewable energy technology gadgets, they rely on solar energy and wind power. The comic shows Wendy and Rudi outdoors and in need of recharging the battery of a smart phone. Of course, Wendy and Rudi want to make use of renewable energy sources – fossil resources are unacceptable for them. Unfortunately, they face a problem: the wind is not blowing. Therefore, they try to find a creative solution to the problem and decide to use solar energy instead. To do so, they recycle waste and build two solar robots, called Ilanga (m) and Khanya (f). With the help of the two PV robots, Wendy and Rudi are able to recharge their phone batteries and make friends with the solar-bots.

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