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Achievements so far – Projections ahead

Overall uptake of the RET subject has been very positive and is steadily increasing: currently (2016), 9 TVET colleges at 11 campuses offer the NC(V) optional subject – this number is set to increase to 15 TVET colleges in 2017. Based on this trend the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) now focuses on quality rather than quantity - ideally, only those TVET colleges that meet the following pre-conditions shall offer the new subject: pre-upskilled lecturers and full buy-in from their management for RET.

Considering this and the three year NC(V) design (Level 2, 3 and 4), quite an increase in student numbers is to be expected. Based on a conservative estimate (NC(V) L2 = 60 students; NC(V) L3 = 20 students; NC(V) L4 = 20 students), and assuming that the DHET allows for a maximum of 3 more colleges in 2018, the projection is as follows:

Until 2020, a steep increase in student numbers of up to 1800 RET students in 18 colleges is expected. The upward trend in student numbers will plateau in 2020, assuming that the DHET will stop at 18 TVET colleges offering RET in the country and taking into account the absorption capacity of the labour market.

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